Investing in the unicorns of tomorrow, today_

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We don't just invest, we partner with founders

True partnership

7 partners that have worked together, founded companies together and invested together for over 20 years bring together their experiences together to build a portfolio of groundbreaking companies

As early as it gets

As serial entrepreneurs we have founded over 30 companies and want to get involved in new ideas/companies as early as possible to shape the future together with founders

Along for the ride

We invest our own capital so we are in it for the long run both in terms of follow on investments as well as our support and we don’t have any exit requirement as long as value is created

Not just capital

Our partners have worked globally and in a variety of roles and bring that to the table to ensure our investments are successful. We go beyond board or advisory role involvement if and where needed

Our investments

Roots Inspire

"Finding the right investment partners is one of the most difficult parts of the growth journey. Narwhal puts our mission first and provides the support for us to make impact in a financially healthy way. No forced targets, but supporting the decisions that are right for the company at the right time. An environment enabling entrepreneurs to thrive."

Sergio Panday


Work with Narwhal for a transformative journey where knowledge and entrepreneurship merge, shaping our company's path and helping us adjust our focus towards endless possibilities

Tim Bosman


"Narwhal isn't a typical investor. They are providing an entrepreneurial backbone that empowers ventures. With a lot of relevant experience and wisdom, their hands-on approach has been supporting our journey. They don't only invest in ideas, they invest in vision and dare to take risks, providing strategic guidance that enables us to make the right decisions. We see Narwhal not only as an investor that brings capital, but as a co-creator of sustainable successes."

Rajiv Laigsingh

Narwhal not only invests capital in us. Far from. We are supported with tons of experience on both our industry and the phase that we’re in. Many of our key decisions have been based on input from Narwhal!

Steven Singh


To us, Narwhal Investments is more than “just” an investor. Enterspeed is a SaaS start-up and we’re determined to bring our product to the global market. Auke van Urk has extensive insights into our space both commercially and technically and he doesn’t hesitate to challenge us and offer ideas that help keep us on the right track. Huge compliments!

Toke Lund


We really like working with you, because of your experience in our market, combined with your strategic hands-on support.

Elias Groll

Our values translate into our investment strategy and operating model


Significant stake

We invest relatively larger amounts very early on and are often the anchor investor in a new venture. This incentivizes us to provide more support during the period of ownership

EUR 100-500k tickets
> 5% stake
Follow on investments



We don’t have any formal investment committee or formal roles in our firm, thus we can decide quickly and organize support in a flexible way where and when needed

Decisions within a week
Always available
Flexible in our support


Added value

Our partners can provide a wide range of support and are willing to come down and spend significant time with founding teams to ”make things work”

Building tech at scale
Corporate strategy
Global network
Hands on support


Narwhal is the name of a creature in the cold seas of the north pole that has a horn like a unicorn.

The legend of the unicorn is most likely based on his horns finding their ways to markets far away from where the animals roamed alive and thus an animal was imagined to go with the horn witnessed




Portfolio companies




Unicorns (so far)